How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You?


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Well if he is giving some extra smiles and expressions to you that mean that he has some feeling for you. You need to talk to him and interact with him so that he can have some courage to tell you what exactly he feels about you. Because most of guys do not express their feelings.
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A guy can't help letting a girl knows he likes her unless he is overly shy and withdrawn. If a guy smiles at you and pays attention to you he does like you. Whenever a guy or a girl like someone and they want to let the other know about it, there is some feeling that they could be rejected. I think that's what you may be feeling a bit of.

If anyone smiles at you and extends warm thoughts to you - Accept them all with a smile and warmth in return. It's then a winning situation.
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Stare at the guys eyes, if he does any reactions, well that's the proof he likes you!!! Trust me I know how boys act, I'm a cardiologist!!!
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If he'll make up any old reason to talk to you or even be remotely near you, then he might like you. Also, if he just smiles at you a lot, and is nice to you he might like you.
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If he looks at you a lot, he gives you gifts, hes really nice, and flirting 
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See how he interacts with other girls. If he acts differently around you, he could very well like you, or hate you. It's a 2-way street. But I think he likes you. Can you answer one of mine, please? (see my profile). Thanks, and good luck! :)
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(only guys answer plz) what would a guy do if the girl he like just walks past him and she catches him lookin at her what would he do?????

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