My Friend Likes This Guy But He Asked Me Out! What Do I Do?


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Tell her honestly, and the sooner the better. If you don't like the guy, tell him you would rather not go out on a date, but if he wants to hang out fine. That way he might get to know your friend better? Or tell him no you don't like him but know someone who does... Any number of things. Just don't avoid the situation, it will exacerbate the issue.
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You need to tell your friend about it and there should not be an issue. That is, if you don't like the guy as well. If you are considering accepting (or have accepted) his invitation then there is a strong probability that you will loose a friend or at least she will have to think hard about what kind of friend you are. Honesty is the only way to deal with this in any of the cases.

If you don't intend to accept his invitation, let him know that you think your friend is interested and maybe he should ask her out.
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Okay, but do you like him? It sounds like you do and are confused as to whether or not your feelings are okay. If you do like this guy, have you talked to your friend about it? Maybe you should, and let her know that he has expressed liking you. But if you don't like him tell him you don't share the same feelings for him but that your friend has been wanting to meet him. If anything he might end up being a good friend to you both. You and your friend should be able to talk about things honestly and come to an agreement where neither of you get hurt. Good Luck.
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Well you just need to be honest and tell her.It will be awkward but its the right thing to do. And if shes mad just say sorry and let her calm down she'll forgive you afterward. Trust me this happened to me and I just did what I'm telling you and it worked!
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I'm having the same situation! But my other friends said to talk to her about it and I did so she's cool with it, she's a little hurt but if you are really good friends there is nothing that could break you apart! No boy, no nothing! BTW the guy is asking me out tomorrow! I feel REALLY bad but I'm SO exited coz I REALLY like him!

And if you like him, and he is asking/asked you out then, GO FOR IT! She may get a little hurt but she will understand she truly is a friend! Good Luck To All! :D
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That happened to me to me too I said yes and it really paid off he so cute and I really like him you should just go for it.    : )
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Just be honest with her. It's not your fault he likes you. She may be upset at first but just be patient and she'll come around. NEVER LET A GUY RUIN YOUR FRIENDSHIP. NEVER!
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Recently I've found myself in the same situation; Like all of the comments above I thought it best to tell my friend he'd asked to 'meet up' - knowing full well he was interested I told her that I thought it may have just been a friendship thing not wanting to hurt my friend's feelings. I invited her along after she expressed a hatred towards him for asking me and I'm still waiting to hear back from her. I'm telling you this becasue I messed up and this is the wrong thing to do!!  If you don't even like the guy, reject him. Don't tell her about the rejection, it will only result in hurting her and causing a possible argument. However if you think you like the guy, like I do, then you need to tell her he's asked you out. Be completely honest with her I regret inviting her along becasue it will only hurt her if she comes along only to discover he likes me and sees him acting flirtatiously around me. To summarize ( becasue I go on...): If you don't like him - reject him and forget about it. If you like him - tell her everything but be careful friends are important, guys tend not to stick around as long!
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This is happening to me right now this week this boy asked me out and I said yes and then my friend asked me if I really liked him I said yeh and she said well he will just annoy me if he hangs about with us so I said do you lyk him or somethin and she said yes but he lykes you mare its not my fault I apologised to her and she is still flirting with him but I don't know how to tell her but I aint givin him away to her
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Do you like him?? If you do ask your friend if she minds...depends how close you r with your friend...I suggest be safe and find a way to get him to like your friend

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