Okay so there is this guy in my gym class, and he acts like he likes me in that class, but outside of there around his friends he acts like I don't even exist.. What do I do?


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Usually if a guy likes a girl, he'd act similarly wherever he is towards that girl. This usually just  means that he enjoys flirting with you but only at that time and in that moment. It does happen sometimes. I know that I've felt that way and have done that to several guys, so it's not an odd thing to do. To be safe, you should just regard this as playful flirting and nothing more. There have been many cases when people think that he or she is flirting with them because he or she likes them when in reality that isn't the case. It only ends up with many broken hearts. I'm not saying that he doesn't like you - you never know, he could possibly - but to warn you not to get your hopes up on this guy and just continue on as friends.

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