this guy was purposely avoiding eye contact with me but he was acting all goofy cause his friends were there. he wasnt acknowledging me even though i was right in front of him. What could this mean? Is it possible that he secretly likes me?


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Yes it is quite possible but a warning here he worries more about his self image around his friends than he will ever you, which is quite typical of boys and infatuation. He really does need to grow up and mature some before even thinking of having a possible GF, but now you see why I say to so many that actions always speak louder than any words when it comes to love. Play this one by ear but don't expect too much from him.  Good luck

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Jess Roth
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He is actually my older brother's friend. And he was acting all goofy with my brother and his other friend when i got in the room. It literally seemed like he would rather look at the bathroom door than gaze at me. I just wanna know if hes interested so that i can let him go if he doesn't, ya know?
Jess Roth
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He only started acting like that when i arrived. I noticed that he was acting normal before he saw me enter the room. And then after that, not once did he look at me. I was trying to catch his gaze but he wont budge. He was trying to be funny and started teasing my brother and nudging him and all that. I was literally right in front of him but he acted as though i didnt exist
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Lol :) you're so cute and I  love your optimistic view "askew"  Now I must crush it ,,, NO ! You're welcome .. In the future when you look back you will see I was right ,,, you're welcome then, 

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