What Do I Do If I Like A Boy And I Am Not Sure If He Likes Me?


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This is the most common problem in love i.e. One person likes another or loves another and does not know if he/she likes him/her or loves him/her. The easiest way to solve this problem is to ask the person whom you like or love. But at the moment you think to do so, you find this task is the hardest task of the world in anybody's life. The other way to find if he/she loves/likes you or not, is to perform some sequence of things. First of all, try to capture his/her eyes when he/she is around you.    If he/she likes/loves you, he/she will definitely capture you in his/her eyes many times. If it occurs then invite him/her on a tea/coffee or some restaurant. If he/she accepts you invitation and joins you in restaurant or coffee shop, then it means 50% of the task is completed and the last thing is to ask him/her about his love or girl friend/boy friend. If he/she tells your name, its miracle otherwise he/she will tell you another name or if he/she gives you a smile or takes your hands into his/her then this means he/she loves you.
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Well the first thing you want to do is talk to him more, get to know him start hanging out with him and his friends(if your not in the same group) ,just to get to know the people he hangs out with trust me guys talk about girls and guys also put in goods for the girls.
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So I wished this really cute boy a happy birthday, and we used to have class together. Our teacher had us all introduce ourselves, so I was able to meet him. Now I am really starting to notice him. He was standing in the lunch line with me and my friends, and my friends totally said out loud that me and him made a cute couple. I was blushing so much, so I got out of line and walked away to get my food. Then I come to the table and my friends tell me that they told my crush that I thought he was cute. He was sitting at the table next to us. I was totally blushing and everytime he would walk by they would yell that I thought he was really  cute. So now another of my friends asked him if he wanted to hang out and if he thought I was cute. He said yes and I was right in front of him. Basically I can at times be really shy around boys that I think are really cute and that I like. So I have no clue how to pursue this. HELP me not be so shy!!
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Well I think if you like a boy an don't no if he like you you should tell him holding in how you feel about someone only hurts you not them just say trust it makes you feel better might feel stuppid for a lil while but good make sure add more stuff to it an he might start thinking about you an  wondering what your doin go from there!!!
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Well I would be honest with the guy and tell him how you feel about him. And for his Girlfriend tell her strait up well I love him or you like him so much that you are not right for him and I'm very sorry but I just can't express my feelings and that is unless I tell him how you feel.
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Ask him. BUT if he says yes make sure it is a real yes. He might be saying yes to get a girlfriend and look cool or he might not want to hurt your feelings. If he says no try not to worry about it. There are a lot of boys in the world. So yeah ask him. =)
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You should first get to know him and try to find out if your love is actually love or just infatuation. If you are still serious about him, just be friends with him. If he has feelings for you, he will reciprocate himself.
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Ask him if he likes you. Observe him. Hang around him and see what he does when you're around. Tease him and flirt with him. If he shows any interest, you're in.   Good luck! <3
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What you will do is just take it easy. And don't wait for someone to like you. Make your self busy so you will not think about this man all the time. Do something and try to meet other people and have fun with them. You might find someone that will like you and let you know that he does. Go on. Stop waiting for the impossible. It is impossible right now because nobody knows who he really likes. It is embarrassing in your part if the girlfriend find out that there is another soul out there that like her boyfriend , she might brag about it and - "Oh pity boyfriend likes me a lot...shame!"
So, stop this insanity. this is crazy.
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Thats Easy Hun.

First of all Wait till his current relationship is done other wise you'll have one life time enemy! You don't want that, second wait a while after hes single, because the break up could of been very hard on him.

Third slowly move in. And fourth ask him out and then fifth hes yours ;) go get that guy tiger RAWER :P
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Ask him,what's the worst thing he can say?he don't like you?,what's the best thing he can say?yes,he likes you?Only this way to find out!{unless your psychic!!!!!!}
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You should talk to him more often and if you feel a connection ask him if he likes you the way you like him.
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This is what my problem is as well.. And I am already really good friends with this boy.. But I still don't know if he likes me in the same way. So I would say maybe you should ask him.. That's what I am trying to do lol.. But really you have to be quite brave.. Ive still not plucked up the courage to do so :S
But just work on him really hard..
Hopefully it will happen someday that he will tell you =]
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Just try and be the girl hi like and dress nice put some makeup on and just be nice to him ans ask him if hi want to go to park whit you and your mate and his mate put not his girlfriend if it doesnt work the will be other guys
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Ok I'm  lost it this guy that I like and I'm a guy but the thing is that we are friends and I like boys kinda and I like girls he gives me a look like I like you or I like you as a friend I don't know what is it and we are very good friends.
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You should ask him if he has a girlfriend if he dose not have a girlfriend ask him if he likes me or not
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Me and my guy friend talk on the phone almost everyday and we argue over the stupidest stuff and I want to kno why?
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I think you should follow your heart and tell him.But hurry he might be taken by the time you tell him
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What if a girl stop's you from saying it cuz she like's him too.
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Just go to him and say can I go out with you then see what he says lol hope you have your dream cum true
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The best way is to ask him. But when you are in love that may be difficult.If you have a close friend, you can trust, he or she may help you find out whether you stand a chance and help you  to make things easier.

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