Who Likes Me?


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Tumaj Nuri Profile
Tumaj Nuri answered
This is what everyone ask him/her self, who likes me. We will know what the others think about us by their behaviours. Its not too hard to find someone to like us but its better to find some1 that we like.
Casadee Pope Profile
Casadee Pope answered
Everyone asks that you never now who is the most prettiest and you never will know.Many  ppl love you I do,friends,family. GOD LOVES YOU!!! Jesus and many people above. Your pets if you have them and your future loves you too so keep hold on that question until you make a big bond of friends and you will have a great life.
Bean Trood Profile
Bean Trood answered
I like you!!!
Seffie Jones Profile
Seffie Jones answered
I don't even know you, you sound desperate.
Desiree D Profile
Desiree D answered
Sometimes it's easy to tell. Sometimes the person will make fun of you. Sometimes they just like to talk to you. The only way to find out is to look around...and see who you think has a crush on you.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Nobody knows you, And you should actually go ask that out in public and see what happens, I don't even know why I'm answering this question.
Cassidy Gustafson Profile
God loves you, your family loves you, and friends love you. Many, many, people love and like you. Don't forget that god loves you.

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