How Do I Get A Guy To Like Me?


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Be yourself thats most important you know
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As they say, flattery will get you everywhere. Flatter the guy you like, and let him know that you are interested in him. If this is not the desired course of action for you, you can try the tried and tested method- blowing hot and cold. Guys are generally attracted by a girl they do not understand, there's something about a woman of mystery that intrigues most men.

Find out about the guy's interest and hobbies and make an effort to be an active part in his life. Guys love to talk, so let him know that you're a good listener. Although guys don't crave for attention like most women, they do need it to some extent.
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kari commented
Well that didnt work for me and puls the guy i like is in the 7 im in the 6
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The guy i like (well i love him) talks to me and stuff we have so much in common and i do all the rite body language (or am i) just some one help me
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Hang out around him, flirt with him, get to know him, tease him, joke with him, and tell him you like him.   Good luck! <3
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Make that statement, tell that guy what you think...go for it.
Never be slutty, always try to dress good, look good, and demonstrate that you are single.
That's my advice.
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Build your self esteem! If you have enough self esteem the guy will be attracted to you and there will be nothing you have to do to get him to like you. You'll be confident in yourself in knowing who you are and you'll be busy doing the things you're here to do... And he'll like what he sees. You can put on layers of makeup, fancy clothes or whatever; but a guy will see through the disguise... So start by caring for yourself in ways that please yourself and see what/who it attracts.
Be yourself! Do what comes naturally.
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I have the same with my ex!!
Most guys are idiots if you dont tell them you like them they wont notice you!!
And yeaah be flirty and have a laugh with him then he will want you more and more!!
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Confidence is the key no one wants someone who feels sorry for them selves. Also follow advisors one and two as well eddmanaic and  kdogg186
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I had the same problem but I got my friend to tell him I liked him and he wanted to talk to me alone! Try it might work like it did for me!
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Tell him u like him
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Well my step sister is suppose to do that today at school but im afriad he will not come to my house any more because right now he always comes over and hangs out but like hes came up to me and said sup sexy lady but he was kidding and hes said lets go make out or something but he was kidding to i dont no what to do i cant stand it any more lol i have his name on my wall and everything and no i am not obsessed with him i was kidding about the wall stuff lol but i dont no what to do
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Be yourself, a lot of times a guy could like you and you not know it.  You can change little teeny tiny things about you, but if you go too far people'll think your weird.
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Okay ,i agree with the advice but.. What if im   like "so..i kinda like u!'" and hes like "uh..weird!"or something like that?! I dont want to lose hes friendship but im crazy bout him and WE always flirt and tease each other,he acts like he likes me but i dont know! Ugh this sucks! So got any advice on what i should do?
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Tell him that you like him and if says you r weird than go after somebody you thinks that likes you dont go after a guy that is going to be a jerk to you
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Yeah Anoymous I agree With your advice but heres my problem I know its sad but here it is :
It like this 13 year old boy but hes my best friends brother !! And when he says somthing Im just like what ??? ( Its cause im nervous ) And Hes always in his bedroom on the laptop. I`m my self as well ,,, Some advice please ,,, ??!!!
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A way to get a guy is to  become friends with him get to know him more and get him to know you more and maybe he will feel the same way you do this could go 2 ways one he asks u out and you say yes or he never asks you and u stay friends its just what it falls to Good Luck!
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Ok ok to all of you i like the advice but what do i do just go up to him and tell him?!

Anyway, the hardest thing to do is be your self but just do it everyone noes this but what you have to do is:
Flirt, Laugh at his jokes, Smile, Be nice to him and just play along

i hope you like the advice! :) ;)
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This is me and im a emo and for some  reason men love emos or dark and mysterious chicks just b your self and dont fall for him like i did with a guy and let him use you for sex ok just dont i wont let you go down like that because when i found out he used me from his friend i kicked his ass i mean i broke his arm,leg, and i gave him a black eye he had to go to the hospital for it so im totally against him and now all boys like me because im tough and mysterious
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Blah blah blah self esteem!what is self esteem any way?I mean guys want one thing a  hot girl that makes all his Friends jealous ! DUH!
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Olivia Staff
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True... But most guys do care at least a little about whats on the inside i mean they want us to like them and thats on the inside so they all care a little. I confuse myself... But if you do know a way for a mostly pretty 12 year old girl to get a really cute 13 year old guy to ask her out even though they've never spoken in their lives and have only looked each other in the eyes like 3 times, i mean you know, differenty cliques and that, please email me or something at [email protected] :)
Araunah Gerber
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Are you a guy? Most good guys go for girls that come somewhere in life... Not how hot they are!!! But you would not know that because you like sayin BLAH BLAH BLAH!
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It all depends on your age and your location, most guys don't like who is very close to them, you better choose me because I like everybody mostly Girls
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So even if they live far and everything dont got the right personality......
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Thats nice to know all guys like girls there suppose to like girls
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Im to ugly for a guy to like me i never will get a boyfriend ever again :(
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Darrien Lathim
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Who the HELL told you that! Everyone is beautiful in there own way and dont put ur self down because of a stupid boy/girl!
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Just be yourself and start off by getting to know the guy and by being friends u want to know what ur wasting ur time on before u waste to much of it:}
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Smile every now an then but dont stare glance he will start to get the feeling you like him try an talk to him every now an then an get his number!!

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