What do you do if your parents don't like your girlfriend/boyfriend?


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Tell them  u broke up and go behind there back and date them any way
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Not much you can do about it or anything as long as you still live under their roof so until the day comes you can move out on your own and be responsible for yourself, you just have to play by the ruyles and remember all thru life, theres always something that no one likes or wants to do, so just a fact of life
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Tell them to deal with it cause thats who you love and thats that
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Well first of all, don't tell them your dating. But if they find out, say that he is in our religion (or whatever you believe in). You can add more things to it. My Boyfriends parents didn't like me at first. But they knew that since i've been dating him for about 4 months now, they trust me.

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First of all. Speak to you boyfriend about this
ask your parents why they dislike him
try and convince them into liking him, tell them about the good things about him instead of the bad.
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A huge fact of life here, everyt Father hates every teenage boy who wants to see his daughter, for whatever reason , thius is just a natural life given as we all wnet thru this this and been there so now its a Fathers turn to deal with any and all boys no matter who they are, and the reason why Fathers stay up all night cleaning their guns on their daughters first date
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Probably best to keep them apart from one another, until the parents realise the relationship is a serious one .

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