I'm 14, and my boyfriend wants to touch my boobs, and I really love him. This is the first time anyone ever asked to touch my boobs! What do I do?


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They are your boobs and you do with them what you feel comfortable with. If you say "No" then it is NO! NO means NO especially in the sex world.

If however you think you would like the boy to touch your boobs allow him. If he is your age he will bungle and mess everything all up. So make it as easy as you can. Loosen your bra so he can get his hand in easily or wear no bra at all. Wear a front button shirt with easy to open buttons.

There is no real problem with touching and fondling; it is part of growing up and becoming young adults. As you mature you will accept more and more touching until you finally decide it is time for intercourse. Don't rush it! You have time take it one step at a time. Do things at your rate and what you feel comfortable with. When you do decide on intercourse be sure condoms are always used.
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Let me as another 14 year old help you out on this a little. There's a lot to consider, like do you think he respects you, to a point where he's not bragging off to his friends, and say the relationship ends is he going to go and call you names etc. Also keep in mind if you let him touch them, he's going to want to keep on touching them, and might want to try more. And keep in mind how long you've been together, because timing is everything, if you do sumthing too early then the next thing you try is going to be early as well. Also how much you feel comfortable with him, being able to talk about it is good, especially in person, but make sure you feel that it's an honest conversation. And don't let him get it too easy either, you know boobs are power =P , make sure he's making an effort to earn the privilege, you know sweep you off your feet. And I warn you it will most likely feel good if your in the mood but think ahead and maintain a good grasp of how far you want to go. Remember don't ever do sumthing because he wants it and you do it because you'll feel bad if you don't, your in control, and trust me if he's that impatient boy needs to go release his sexual tension at home.
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Well, if you truley love him and you've got a strong and trustworthy relationship, what harm is it going to do letting him touch you're breasts.
But, make sure that there's trust behind this all because it could lead you to being hurt. :)
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It's your decision, no one else can make it for you, but if he only wants to touch you and do physical stuff, then you probably shouldn't let him...yet.
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I am a male and I am 14. If you let him once, he will ask for it, ask for it, ask for it and ask for more, ask for more, ask for more... If he can ask for this, he is bad, and don't talk with him. Never let anyone touch your boobs. Until you marry. Why can't you wait? Why can't he wait? If I ask this question, I know I can't stop and I know I will be worse so if you love him, DON'T LET HIM TOUCH YOUR BOOBS FOR YOUR AND HIS GOODNESS.
Sorry for bad English.

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he's an idiot. First of all your 14. He is trying to sexually touch you. Second of all first he touches your boob than your vagina, then rape you. Trust me it happened to my sister

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Say no. Say good bye. Go to university. Get married have sex. Have babies, live happily ever after. As in math class, there is an order of operations in life too.

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To be honest I could see a rush of emotions flying around inside of you. Like would this be awkward, or will he tell everyone? Thats what you have to think about. I would wait till your older, so he cant embarrass you in school. You never know. Boys are ones to play this act, a believable act. Some guys buy you gifts to make you happy and give them sex. So basically if it were me I would just not do it, if he gets mad leave him right away. A man who doesn't respect you doesn't  deserve you. Besides if he tells his friends his friends will react differently around you.

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Wow some interesting advice here. I'd disregard a lot of it. Honey the truth is it all depends on you. If you feel you have been together long enough, do you feel you trust him enough, do you feel comfortable enough with him, do you feel ready to take that step? The only one who can answer that question is you. Kudos to him for actually asking most boys would just chance a grope while kissing so at least he had the decency to ask you if he was able. If you aren't ready just tell him that - if he really likes you he'll respect your decision and wait until you are ready. I have a daughter the same age and she is going through the same thing at the moment and I'm telling you exactly what I told her.

Don't let anyone shame you for whats a natural curiosity either. Just make sure you are always comfortable and safe. As I told my daughter its your body, you and only you can say what happens and what doesn't.

As for those telling you to wait until you get married don't mind them and their desperate attempts to slut shame. Adolescence is when we experiment but always be careful and confident enough to say no.

My husband and I met when I was 16 and we went to college and lived together when we were 18. We have been together for 18 years so it doesn't make you a slut or a bad person.

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If youre unsure . Don't let it happen and besides you two are awful young for this kind of exploration adventure so wait a few years
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You are way too young. It starts off with touching and leads to other things. Remember whatever you do you have to pay the consequences that comes along with it.
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Hahahahahaha- ASK YOUR MOMMY!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh !%*&#!!!! } : >{......YOUR FOURTEEN THEN I SUGGEST actually TALKING TO YOUR PARENTS(since they brought you into this world and can take you out : ) )  AND WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU, IS WHAT YPOU SHOULD DO UNLEsS IT GOES AGAINST WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT/common sense... In other words if this" boy" has not put a ring on your finger and signed a letter of intent for marriage then he does not get to grope you like a piece of meat/fruit in the grocery store or like a piece of property like a slave/horse being checked out for how they will serve their master.in other words if I were your dad and caught this boy handling you he would have a broken hand/boot in his rear end and then dragged over to this parents house and explained to them he is not to ever see you again and needs to learn how to respect someone elses daughter. Then I would probaaly slap his mom and give his dad a black eye for raising a little pervert that does not know how to treat a young lady who could possibly be their future wife/daughter in law. Pow  right in the kisser : ). I am wondering why you did not slap the smirk off his face when he tried to touch you,unless your parents raised  you to be treated like a piece of property instead of  daughter of God/princess in your own right. Bang zoom right to the moon alice(ole mtv show reference) . And the real answer is you have to decide if you want everyone you know to think you are young lady of loose morals+ that any boy can do whatever they want to you and get away with it or are you your mothers/fathers daughter who was or should have been taught to respect your body and save it for your future husband and as a mother to your future children who will ask you one day why you let boys/guys treat you like a piece of property instead of a equal as God intended.sorry for going on so long ,but I don't think a few lines would have told you the whole story for what your actions could mean not only to you but your family and freinds,neighbors and relatives.in other words your heritage/how you carry yourself through life.so I gues you will have to decide for youself how you want to be seen by others in your life as you grow up.remember you asked : ). Some of my answer was a joke ,but then again maybe not(?) you decide.
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If you have to ask about that, then you really are not sure.. Therefore, no. I wouldnt if I were you. Once he gets what he wants, he can turn on you and tell his friends. You don't want that.
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Just the fact that he had to ask shows you what a jerk he is. Don't - you'll regret it. He's SO not worth it.

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