This Guy Hugged Me And Accidentally Touched My Boob, But I Wasn't Wearing My Bra. I'm So Embarrassed. What Will He Think Of Me?


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Oh, you don’t need to worry about that! He’s probably feeling even more awkward than you are.

What Will He Think Of Me For Not Wearing A Bra?
I doubt he’ll give it much thought, to be honest.  You make it sound like there’s a law against not wearing a bra! If you’ve got small boobs that don’t jiggle around or move much, he probably won’t even have noticed. 

If the guy did notice you weren’t wearing a bra, he’ll probably just think you were dressed casually because you weren’t expecting to see anyone. 

Being caught without a bra is like being caught in your pajamas, really - it's not wrong, it's just a bit awkward!

What Will He Think About Having Touched My Boob?
Well, I expect he’s worrying about touching your boob as much as you’re worrying about not wearing a bra.

He’s probably worrying that you’ll think it was deliberate, and that you’ll think he’s a creep.  On the other hand, he is a guy, so he might have secretly enjoyed it a bit, too!

What Should I Do When I Next See Him?
You’re both embarrassed – the best thing to do is just pretend it didn’t happen, and act normally around him.  I can guarantee that you care a lot more about the bra situation than he does, so stop worrying!
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Well the dude won't feel a thing. He might notice he did it but he won't notice if you're wearing a bra or not, The same thing happened to me.
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How old are you? Are you "big" enough that he would be able to tell you weren't wearing a bra?
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Clair Lee
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I'm B cup but I think he would notice because it's not covered by a bra right?
savannah seymour
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Maybe. I really wouldnt worry about it. Same thing happened to me exept he wasnt hugging me...he is probably more embarrassed than you
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Don't worry. In every shameful thing like this, don't care. This is the best sollution.

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