What does it mean if you have a dream about kidnapping, torturing and then killing a person mean? My friend had this dream that she did that to me...


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Forest Lone answered
It means "CONTROL"  Dreams are unconscious wishes and desires. That person desires to control you.  Dream to the point of killing is having the ultimate control no matter what you want.
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Hi Krystyna, Dreams are positive. We dream in deep sleep and they differ from our everyday life. Let's face it you would not do these things to your friend and she would not do it to you them to you, in real life - She told you her dream, and hey you're alive. It was a frightening one, perhaps, but not true and highly unlikey to be acted out in real life. A dream is an experience - and they allow us to stretch our imagination. Some are like this and others are really happy. I should not worry too much now.

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