Do you like living with your parents? Why or why not? Don't you want to move out?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
I made trhgat mistake of really wanting to move out so I move in with my Uncle Sam and he sent me on a vacation to SE Asia in a country known as Vietnam and after a couple months , was shot down and spent 6 months in a pure nightmare from hell POW camp and this made living home  a first class resort area that I should have never left
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Lalala XD answered
Yeah i love them! They never, mostly wanna know what i am doing, whom im chattin with or such minor things, dont bother me much about studies! And i get all that i want? So why shall i hate it? Sometimes i wanna feel like running away :P but its just a thought! I can never wish a life without my parents!
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Ray Ottewell answered
You be where ever you fell safe.
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Dylan Lemke answered
Beats payin bills and bein lonely
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Yes, I do. I want to be happy, independent, and be able to handle more things. But, I'm having issues, and I'm blessed and happy to to have the help I do.
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I love them and agree with dylan, but i hate they they always need to know what im doing! My friend heather and i decided we are gonna get a aparetment when we grow up
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Im 10 :P so I guess living with parents is OK but they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying! Do this do that blah blah blah :P
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savannah seymour
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Just wait until you get older. Everything yu do is like "oh my god" she is a teen! My dad refers to teens as the "enemy" lol
Maxine Chan
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Teenagers have mood swings I am no longer a teenager but I still get moody sometimes.

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