How To Convince Your Parents To Move To Another State?


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I really want to move myself...I hate it here in Texas because I am always having stupid friend problems...I just want to leave! The problem is that we have grandparents that live a few minutes away and it would be such a hassle for them to move to another state (Albuquerque). You have really good suggestions but whenever I mention moving to my mom and the reason behind moving she says its silly...but to me its really not! I can't concentrate on school work and I'm always depressed. My reason might seem strange but I really need help in convincing them!!! My dad also owns two stores so its practically impossible to convince him to drop everything and move but I know I have to move before my high school years start so that I can focus on school and be happy!
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You can tell them the place you live in now is not conveniet and comfortable , you can't stand any more .
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I am currently living with my parents. I am 15 years old and I keep telling them how I absolutly want to move houses! They always say, no we don't need to, and I like the house we live in.
But I don't like the house we live in. I know its its a completely different subject, but I convinced my parents into getting a dog after 4 years of trying. Resently, I convinced my mom into getting a cat after 2 weeks. How I did it was, I kept bringing it up, and how ive always wanted one. And there was never a single day I would not let them have a break from the thought.
If you want to move houses like I do, if you are embarrased to have friends over because you are the only one who lives in a smaller house then them, while they all live in big houses, or you are too shy to try and make friends because that would mean them going over to your house, then you need to keep reading this.
Which one of your parents are you most close too? Your mom? Or your dad?
If you have lost one of them, then by telling the one you still have that the house you live in now just reminds you of them, and it makes you too upset to see everything that they once had with you. Say how you've been meaning to talk to them about it for a while, but you didn't want to upset them, but now you just can't take it anymore because its upsettting you.
OR if you live with both your parents, and have siblings, or even if your an only child, you could do this by yourslef, or get your brothers and sisters to gang up on your parents and say how you want to move !
Some exuces you could use are ..
" I'm sick of this neighborhood. We've been living here for too long and I think its time we face new challenges in life."

" I really love this neighborhood, but its the neighbors that make me really uncomfortable. I'm scarred to be home alone, and when I go outside or for a walk, they always stare at me like I did something wrong or I'm frowned uppon. We've lived here longer than they have, and maybe we should move. Do you really want your child/children growing up to be frowned uppon by all thier neighbors .. I know I wouldn't."

" We live too far from my school. And when I'm late, you won't have to drive me, I could just walk !"

"or just sit them down if you have a really good relationship with them, and don't want to lie to them, you could just sit them down and say how much you really apprecite them and all they have done for you, but now that you are growing up, bigger and your siblings are too, theirs no room for us to grow, or have space to ourselves cause this house is too small."

I'm sure if you say how much you hate it where you live now, everyday till you hear them talking about it, keep talking about it till you see a for sale sign on your front lawn, and a sold sign on the house you want to move too!
It may seem silly, but itll bring you positive spirit and will help you hope and have faith when they say no, wish on every 11:11 you see.
Wish on shooting stars, and on wish chips.
Pray to your God or Gods, and do whatever else you know that is suppost to come true.
Don't ever give up, belive you will get what you want, use lucky signs around your house, make small comments, agree with your parents, be on thier good side. Do chores to show them you "do" care about the huse you live in now, and GOODLUCK !
If I do anything different to convince my parents, I'll let you guys know, or if I succeed I'll telll you everything I did. Our key word if your going to respond to this is

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