What Are Some Ways 2 Convince Ur Boyfriend And His Parents NOT To Move Away?


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As the other blurters have pointed out probably not going to happen.but there is always getting your/his family friends neighbors and relatives together to have a party to beg them to stay and help them find them a better reason to stay,better paying jobs.since this is the reason they are probably moving.that or they are blessed enough to be able to retire in the sunshine state or northern california.since I don't know why they are moving it may be necessary in order to survive.if he is meant to be with you he will still be with you even if your seperated from him.that doesn't mean you can't still talk to him.you do have a phone and the internet and the snail mail.this also does not mean it will work out.my suggestion is to keep in touch anyway you can as long as he wants to also and see how that goes.
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Unfortunately if the parents have made up their mind there is not a lot your boyfriend can do but don't let that stop you from keeping your love for each other alive through phone calls, texting or letters. Its hard but can be done & you wont be young forever.
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You could always plead to their finer instincts,by telling them how much you love him.
Having said that,if it's a work related move,I really can't see them staying
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G'day Bribleu,

Thank you for your question.

You can tell him how much he means to you. Having said this, if his parents have to move due to work or other reasons, you might be facing an uphill job.

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You can't do tht but you and your bf can still stay connect my email or myspace or facebook depends what do you go on and what do you have

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