What Are Some Creative Ways Of Showing My Boyfriend Appreciation?


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I want creative words to say after a good sex to my boyfriend.
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To give relationship advice without knowing all the details is difficult...You could offer a massage and pamper him. Buying a card with some significant words in. Or even try and write him a poem.
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I have always been fond of putting together a little scrapbook or photo album to show my love and appreciation for people. They sell kits at craft or scrapbook stores for under $20 and its a great, personal way to show your affection for someone.
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Well he's your boyfriend, you must know at least a little bit about him, what does he like to do, what he's interested in etc? Showing an interest is often the place to start, arrange something you know he'll love and surprise him with it. Men are surprising simple creatures and quite easy to please, show him he's the most important person in the world just for one day and he'll be putty in your hands!
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How old are the two of you? I went through a phase with my boyfriend where it didn't matter what I did he just wasn't happy. That was until I realized I was trying to do things that would have made me happy. I think you just have to learn what he likes and not be afraid to try new things. When does he normally try talking to you about this? What have you tried?
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What are his hobbies? Sounds like he wants to be pampered. A great gift can be tickets to a sports event? A free massage...there are many ideas.

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