My Boyfriend Might Be Moving Away Should I Stay With Him If I Love Him?


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This is a tough one. There are several points you have to consider before taking any action.

1. How long have you been with him, if it has been some time and both of you have committed yourself to each other then you should be with him.

2. By stay with him do you mean move in with him or remain in love with him? Please clarify this.

3. What about him? Have you asked him what his thoughts are? Does he want to remain with you or does he want to move away.

4. Why is he moving away? What is the reason. Is his job taking him away or is it something else.

5. Also, it depends on your age if you are very young do think twice before moving in with someone.

Moreover, long distance relationships can be very difficult, please think carefully before taking any decisions, take into account all the pros and cons and then only take a decision.
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Unless you are in a position to get a good job it would be unwise to move at this stage. I would not move to be with a boyfriend before at least 22 years of age. Boys who appear attractive as teens do not always make the best spouses when they are mature.
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You can try staying with him but normally long distant relationships don't work out the best because he could find someone else.

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