Can We Still Love Each Other When We Are Ninety?


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Yes, we can, and it really is a blessing to have in our lives. To love all of your life is a great thing to celebrate.
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I am Life..... answered
There is no end to love, and even when life ends love stays..... Im just 26 still I feel that there is lack of love in life and when I hear a question like that I can imagine how much love we have out there, it's just that it's not there in mine..... :)
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Justin Darkly answered
Love is separate from age. It isn't restricted by someone's age. Love is the strong connection between two people. They kind of connection that holds though some of the toughest situations. Many are willing to risk their life to protect loved ones.
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"We"? If you mean you and I, then you will be sadly disappointed. I suggest you ask the person you are referring to.

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