I don't feel like my husband and I are still in love with each other. We LOVE each other but it feels like life has drained us and we're just living together. We're best friends but it feels like the passion is gone. What do I do?


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Suprise him. Do something out of the ordinary. Like, make him a fancy dinner one night, dinner and a movie, or even something major like plan a weekend get away to a nice hotel. Or just little things. Like telling him how much you love him. Sometimes people just get used to hearing I love you that they forget it's true meaning. Remind him that you are his amazing wife, not just a roomie. :)
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Maybe you should discuss it with each other face to face, maybe he feels the passion is gone between you too, so maybe if you brought it up, things could get back as great as before, it's just what I think!
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Try doing some unexpected and just romantic or sexy.
Like Micki Harshman suggested or try bringing whip cream or cuffs into the bedroom and it might help things~ ;)
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Thanks for the great advice. I talked to him and he had no idea I felt that way. We've had a good night together since "the talk" :)
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You need to talk to him and see what's going on Or else it's not going to work out. Things will happen for the best...I wish youn luck

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