Why Do I Still Like Him, After He's So Cruel To Me? Why Is He Being So Mean, When We Used To Like Each Other?


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Karen Henchen Profile
Karen Henchen answered
I think your best bet is to totally ignore him. Pretend he doesn't exist. He is treating you badly for no reason, even though he knows you like him. It is cruel, and you should not react to anything he says, until he decides to be nice to you. Once he realizes that you are done with him, he will most likely realize that he misses you, and try to reconnect with you. Some guys pick on girls because they don't know how to treat them. If he does try to make up with you, you should tell him that he was being really mean to you and that is why you were ignoring him. Hopefully he will apologize, and try to be nicer to you. On the other hand, if you ignore him, and he doesn't come around, then he is just a jerk, and he didn't really like you anyway. Move on and find someone else! Good luck!
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ray of light answered
Here all he is trying to do is take revenge by hurting you emotionally for what he thinks you did to him. He is after some one else now so you should gather up some self respect and start forgetting him. If he cannot respect you and realize what your feelings were for him then he can never love you or even be your friend in return.

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