What Is The Biggest Breast In The World?


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Depends on who you ask.
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Maxi Mounds holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts". She approached Guinness in August of 2003, but the category did not yet exist. After creating the category the Guinness organization contacted her to request her measurements and other documentation. She was presented with an official certificate that reads: Maxi Mounds (USA) was measured at Sarasota, Florida, on 4 February 2005 and found to have an under breast measurement of 91.44 cm (36 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 153.67 cm (60.5 in). She currently wears a US size 42M bra (UK 42J) In 2004 her book, The Maxi Mounds Guide To The World Of Exotic Dancing (, was published by Perpetual Summer Publishing.
Lolo Ferrari (born Eve Valois) appeared in the French Guinness Book of World Records in 1996 and again in the American Guinness Book of World Records in 2003. Her brassiere measurements have been given by various sources as 58F, 54G, and 54J.
What about Norma Stitz. She has been given by Guinness to have the largest. They are a natural 72ZZZ breasts.
Sabrina Sabrok (born March 4, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine model, television actress and working in Mexico. Sabrok is considered to be a sex icon in Latin America. Sabrok is mostly known for her large breasts and her beauty. Sabrina has recently gained attention with her plans to have the world's largest breasts through plastic surgery; she hopes to achieve a bra size of 42XXX. In February 2006, Sabrina received a new breast augmentation and now has implants that weigh 3.5 kilograms each. In June 2006, Sabrina announced that she ordered new implants of 5 kilograms each on "Venga la Alegria", magazine television show, TvAzteca. Sabrina plans to break the world record for the largest breasts in the world.
Tina Small, a British model of the 1980's claimed to measure 84EE OR GG-22-34. Tina Small had a ten year career as a model and actress during the 1980's and not the 1970's as some report.There were two women, one is Africa's Malissa Josephs claiming about this size and another Ting Jiafen. Both had the medical condition Virginal Hypergrophy to explain such extra large busts.
Chelsea Charms claims to have a 153XXX bust, but no conclusive evidence is shown. According to her website, Ms Charms' breasts are size 153XXX and collectively weigh just under 24kg.
Wendy Whoppers claimed an 88 EE bust.although this mostly is an exaggereated 56 or 60 inch bust measurement to help promote her career in the 1980's and 1990's.
A lady called Olivia Dear in Wales UK was rumoured to have the biggest in the UK biggest fake ones I saw on tv was about 38 zz
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Record-Breaking Breasts One woman stopped at nothing to achieve her twin dreams: A 38KKK bust, and a world record were already fairly impressed last April, when we heard (via ABC) that one Sheyla Hershey traveled to Houston for a boob job. And not just any boob job: An enhancement bound for the record books. Because after eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, the petite model/actress was a staggering 34 FFF. Still, Hershey wanted more! And she was determined to get it. When her boyfriend begged her to stop, she broke up with him (note to men: You have to support our dreams, no matter how deluded and life-threatening silly they might seem!).Even so,her breast really don't look all that huge.

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