Which Woman's Are Biggest Boobs In Whole Worlds?


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The United States, 50-year-old woman Astiz, proud 67-inch chest, 10 consecutive years won the Guinness Book of World Records in the "world's biggest natural bust woman", her weight of a pair of breasts, as high as 18 kg .
Stith live in Atlanta, she was 168 centimeters tall and weighs 160 kg, with a pair of fullness in the chest known as the world's most - far more than G cup bra, breast weight, weight accounted for more than 1 / 10.
Stith big breasts hanging in the chest, considerable "magnificent," she is very proud of, and be proud of, someone asked her: Why not do breast reduction surgery? Her answer was: "Are you stupid? I love my chest, it gives me a wonderful life, the world's television stations are competing for inviting me to do!"
Stith is also from the membership-based websites, showing spurting body.
But she sometimes for his "good body" distressed, she said: "Every time when dealing with men, they saw I was speechless they simply stare at my Haoru, but I hope they paid attention to my The inner beauty. "

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