How Do I Convince My Parents To Move In With My Boyfriend?


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My boyfriend wanted me to move in I did if you really love him and really wanted to move in with him you wouldn't let anything stand in your way trust me tell them you are serious and you love him even throw in a little lie tell them he is going through a tough time his parents are neglecting him and he needs somebody to lean on (like you) spend more time with him around your parents talking about the future (mature stuff) that will convince them that your serious if this does not work your parents need to be on the world's strictest parents believe me it works if it worked for me it will definately work for you I'm in the seventh grade and been living with him for a year and we live in a house not an apartment we have money you know what I mean.
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What really you were in the sixth grade when you moved in with your boyfriend really!!!!!!!! Don't you think you are to young! I mean seriously sixth grade! Your parents should not let you do that!

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