How Can I Convince My Mom To Let Me Get Texting?


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Well, you didn't tell us how old you are!  Most likely I'm going to agree with your mom anyway!  I don't know of any phone service that has free texting. Unlimited isn't the same as free!! And with the economy today-- maybe you should be thankful you have a cell phone!!  But, try offering to do work around the house or find some creative way to save her money in another aspect of her life.  Parents are so much more agreeable when their children offer to be understanding little helpers!!(HINT!!)  But if you do follow my advice and she still says no  remember   I do agree with her!!
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What your mom means is free to her. If you can't make that happen you need to find out if there is something you can offer to do for her, to make it worth it to her. Also being a teenager like I think you probably are, you might want to see the cost for unlimited texting. 250txts might sound like a lot, but believe me even as an adult who doesn't text as a way to socialize, you would be amazed how quickly they add up & plan overages can add up even quicker. Please try to keep in mind when you want to be angry with her that she is the one who goes out & works for you to have the privilege of even having a cell. I'm sure money is tight right now as it for most people. The hardest thing to say to your child at times is no,but that is what makes a parent a parent. I am sure she has reasons that she may not want to explain, you may not like them but I'm sure she has them. If it is finances keep in mind that can be embarrassing & maybe even a little scary to admit.
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I think she or he should get a job and show her the money than that will show that how much she or he wants it.
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Split the bill.and let her be able to read the texts so she knows your being safe
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Same here! My friend's mom said that it's bad for the brain and if you are texting you're not on the phone that much! :) I don't know about the money thing though! Sorry....

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