Should I get my ears pierced? How can I convince my mom to let me do it? I'm a guy btw


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If you want your ears pierced and are willing to do the aftercare, I don't see why this would be a problem--regardless of your gender.  If you are under age (under 18) talk to your mom.  Reassure her you will do the aftercare and that ear piercing can always be allowed to close.  If possible, offer to pay to have it done yourself through a job, mowing lawns, babysitting, or doing extra chores around the house.  Be responsible, don't yell at her or get angry if she says no.  It's more likely she will see your adult-like behavior she will let you get your ears done than if you yell and throw a fit at her.

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sky Marshmallow answered

If youre not going to donate blood then do so. But I think you're still young since you have to ask your mom.. Just think if it really suits you.

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