How far are you willing to move away from your parents?


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Arthur Wright answered
I went wherever destiny took me and now , well how far is Heaven?
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I would love to get away from my mum and dad although I live independently my parents are too dependent on me especially my mentally ill mum she'd literally have no one cause her behaviour is so out of control. Feel like I can't stand up for myself, wish I could.
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I would love to stay with my parents  as much as I can so  I  m not willing to move away from  my parents.
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Mandy Clark answered
To the other side of the country. Currently, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I want to live in Boston, Massachusetts. I hate the atmosphere and the weather here. Kn ready for change!!:) And to be far from my dad
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Maxine Chan
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Haha I love Vegas. The people there are crazy dancing on tables, getting drunk and walking naked lol and yes I have been there during the summer.
Mandy Clark
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It's an awesome place to visit, but I've hated living here
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Cheryle Masters answered
Depends.  If it was for a job across the globe if that is what it takes.  My question: Why would I be moving?!  Moving to move--a little distance is good,

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