Why Do Students And Parents Not Want To Wear Uniform To School?


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I'm at school currently, and I hate my uniform, it's not an outrageous colour or anything, it's black and grey. People say that uniform means children that are less advantaged on the money side are less likely to get picked on. Kids get picked on for loads of different reasons, we will still wear designer labels or what ever outside of school, and many of us see each other outside of school
Also my uniform is ridiculous, we have to wear grey skirts and tights, black or skin coloured, you might think this is warm for winter, but it's not! When it rains the water makes your tights stick to your legs impossibly, it doesn't stop the cold at all.
My school tends to take things a step further, boys when it was in fashion would wear mohicans in their hair. This was banned from our school and classed as ''extreme''. Highlights of a lighter or darker colour are not allowed, not an inch of makeup,  hair must be shorter than a certain length for boys and longer than a certain length for girls. It seems to me like the school is trying to make us all look the same, but this just encourages more rule breaking as the rules are ridiculous and do not effect the way my work is, I don't down grade because I dyed my hair, and as the colour was a natural colour and not a drastic change, it cannot possibly affect the school's reputation.
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I support this 1
1. Makes it somewhat tougher for those that don't belong to slip in, or fit in, with the crowd because they are individual people with the same personality.
2. You have to go through a lot of trouble trying to find a uniform that fits you.
3. Have to recognize people by there face and personality, which make the student more social, and by their names
4. You can spend a lot of money buying a uniform
5. Once the students are out of that school, you just wasted money on buying a uniform they don't need anymore because they have moved on
6. It doesn't let kids express themselves and there personalities
7. No individuality
8. Discomfort, the students are not use to wearing the same type of clothes everyday until they are out of that school
9. Some students get tired and bored of wearing the same outfit everyday!
10. After the students are done with school, they have to re-adapt to wearing different clothes
11. Uniforms take away students freedom of expression and encroaching their personal rights
12. Having religious dress codes foisted(forced) on their non-religious or different-religion children
13. Having to force children to wear dress code and have it followed and respected
14. Students HATE dress code because they don't have any freedom to dress the way they want to  
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There are many cons against school uniforms. Many parents and students are against the idea of being forced to wear a uniform to school. For example, many parents are outraged about the fact that their children have to wear a uniform to school. They are mad that their children are disciplined or sent home because of what they wear. Many students are offended by wearing a school uniform because they feel that it takes away their individuality. Some of the most common arguments against school uniforms include the following:
• Uniforms are expensive.
• Uniforms do not teach children how to deal with people who are different than themselves.
• It is impossible to prevent all outside influences and interruptions.
• Children will still ask for and buy designers' clothes for occasions and places other than school. (Uniforms will not eliminate this problem.)

However, many believe that uniforms teach children that in order to get along and be successful, everyone must conform to the same standards.
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I have researched the subject of school uniforms for some time now. And Yes there are pro's and con's as it were. While I agree with the fact that young people should come to school looking some what sharp and smart. I also think that Parents/carers could do something about school uniforms if they wanted to. So many people in particular the UK will just go with the flow. Parents/carers can challenged these rules I am sure.
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If you were uniform its hard to see someones personality. Wearing your own cloths lets you express yourself. Plus I know I don't like uniforms because I always get yelled at for my skirt being to short and my shirt tale hanging out. Its stupid and I get detentions for it. Stupid dress code
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We aren't assigned to wear uniforms at school, however, we ARE forced to wear p.e clothes. Which also might be uniform, but I believe the dress codes these days are too strict. They should be a little bit more lenient. We all want to express ourselves some way. For example, I express myself through the clothes, shoes, and earrings, but with uniforms, we won't get to show our diversity! Uniforms ARE expensive. My P.E clothes were 24 dollars in total, when I could've bought a Hollister jacket or shirt! In conclusion, uniforms SUCK.
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What do people think of BLACK PLAIN LASE UP school shoes? Do you think they are smart or not?
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*...hello I m nick...*

Why are we talking only about the teasing factor? Why should someone not be allowed to wear what they want, just so that they don't get teased. Teasing, or ragging happens everywhere, but why does that affect the way we think, behave or dress. Isn't it true that the government allows us to choose our representatives, then why not out own outfits. Its not like Individuals don't have brains and they'll turn up in bikinis to colleges. I think- there should not be a dress code in colleges!

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I am a student and I love my uniform.I can assure you that I really like wearing it.
I get to wear a very comfortable red jumper with a pretty crest , a colourful  kilt, long red stockings and shiney shoes.So I am glad to wear a uniform.some of my friends don't like it- I personally think that is silly.Our uniforms are beautiful, warm and comfortable, and I like it very much.

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