Im tired of people telling me what to do, who to hang out with and what to wear! (not talking about my parents) i want to become unique and origional.. Any suggestions?


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Don't listen to them. Do what you want to do.
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Just let them no how you feel. Just say that you don't want to be like everyone else you want to be your own person and theres nothing wrong with that. Wear what you feel fits you. Hang out with the people you fell fits you do what you like to do. Be yourself and don't let anyone tell you who to be
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Be a trend setter... Do whatever you want to do... Have some people join in on your style and have more and more people join in then those jerks who did that to you would feel really dumb!!! But this is more of a work in progress type of thing.
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Just be you, don't listen to what other ppl say just do what you want forget other people.And by what I read you are original and I get where your comin from with this question because I hate those ppl tht copy everyone else they piss me off like frreal get your own life don't copy wht everyone else does
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Then do that.
Its all up to you bud.
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Ignore them. Tell them what to wear and what to do. Them to stop trying to control your life and to live their own.
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Stand up 4 youself!
Be creative do the opposite of what people tell yhu!
Don't let people push yhu around!
Be mean be a b**** to them!!
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Some suggestions are:
Do things on impulses. Be completely yourself. Make your own clothes, design your own jewellery. Play your own music, learn an exotic musical instrument. Make up your own personalized quotes and neologisms, new words and new exclamations. Don't care about what ppl say, but you shouldn't go over-the-top and become insane about yourself. Just rock what you got!!! =D
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Lianna Lins
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Oh, and spend less time online :) that really helps to forget what you 'should be' and just be who you are.
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Sorry but you can't be original if you have to get directions.
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Bethany York
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Sorry but whenever i try to think of something people always do it before i get a chance to buy it cuz i have to wait until i get paid there sweetheart.
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Your kinda defeating the purpose of being original and unique by asking other people how to be unique and original? Lol, just start lookig up what you think is cool, what style you like, travel, visit different citys , not far away even maybe a few miles away, on your own with no influences from anyne else but how you choose to percieve it. Start doing things you wouldnt usually, test your chararcter by stepping out of a conformed way of dress/music taste/social group and make your own decison, music taste is a major influence on how people dress, maybe start there?
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Everybody have some unique things in them surely you will also have you just have to use it thats it..and do not follow anyone tell then you know how to lead your life...

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