My parents tell me to help my sister with homework but when i go to her she tells me to get out and when i tell my parents that they yell at me for not trying harder to help her, even though she won't allow me to. What do i do?


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Nina Nina answered

Steal your sister's backpack when she comes home and force her to do her homework with you.

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Tom Jackson answered

If your parents want you to help your sister with her homework then making your sister do so is your parents' responsibility.

Maybe just ask them how they make your sister do what they say when she doesn't want to do what they tell her to do.

Tell your parents that they have to let your sister know that they have instructed you to help her with her homework and that they have to give you sufficient authority over her to require her to do what they have told you to do with regard to her homework.

They are absolutely wrong for suggesting that this situation is either your fault or your responsibility.

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