I have typical Asian parents that want me to become a doctor. But I have a talent with dance and singing, and it's really what I'm passionate about. My parents would hate me if I admitted this to them. Do I chose my passion or my parents' wishes?


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I think it's important to realize how competitive and fickle the entertainment industry is. Not to step on your dream, but unless you are spectacularly talented, making a career in this field is daunting. Follow your dream, but stay realistic.

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Although I believe Toxic brings up a good point, at the end of the day, it is your life, you must live it, and it's up to you to do what makes you happy!

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Dear Anonymous,

Here is my idea...see if you can find a middle ground? For example, would your parents accept dentistry instead? You can make your own hours, but good income and professional status...

One friend of mine became a dentist because of his parents, and had weekends free to follow his own passion...which was wildlife biology.

* * *

For me myself, family also mattered very much, and certain things very important to me I just did not do until my parents had passed away.

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He may not have the ability to be a doctor. There's no reason to lie or try to live a lie. Just tell the truth and do what he wants to do, after all it's his life. Not theirs.
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Being a good doctor guarantees you a nice house, wonderful holidays and enough money to do whatever you wish. It is also a respectable career.  Dancers and singers are a dime a dozen and often end up waiting tables in order to make ends meet. Even if you succeed you will always be controlled by the entertainment industry, your life will not be your own. If you want a life of good living and freedom then your parents are right about being a doctor. Still the choice is yours.

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If you are a teenager, that is the time to explore your passions and see if you want to pursue them.

Keep up your grades in math and science and learn how to communicate (English) and you should be able to do both if you choose.

(My internist is also member of a local symphony.)

One of our sons danced from the age of 12 to 18.  He attended a summer program at Juiiard  that accepted less students than the number of states in America.

During that summer, he was able to get an inside look at dance in America and decided not to pursue a career in dance.

He got a "double E" and an MBA from the University of Texas.

He now works for a major corporation.

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