Guys, it's my parent's wedding anniversary and I want to give them a big great surprise!! Can you tell me ideas of how to make it awesome! I'm planning to have sparklers, what more can I do?


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When I first read your question two things went through my head

  1. You are a lovely daughter to think of doing this for your parents...and
  2. Surprise parties can be VERY tricky!

So read this answer bearing those two things in mind.

Plan carefully - choose the venue well.  Its probably easier if it’s at a restaurant away from home then you can ask your parents to join you for a quiet celebration at ...

On your invitations make sure everyone knows to arrive half an hour before your parents and remind them its a SURPRISE!

Who to invite? Well its about your parents,  so invite people who are important to them.  What about trying to find as many people who were at the original wedding? 

The decorations are important too.  If its a silver or gold wedding then the theme is obvious. You can buy balloons, streamers, napkins - you’ve got the sparklers!

Photographs are a great thing to use at anniversaries.  Make a scrapbook of their life so far. Have their wedding photos blown up large and put round the room; have a slide show of them as young people, with their young family etc.

You could play the songs that were in the charts when they were married - all the old love songs -that should make your mother cry!

You could ask everyone to write a sentence or two about the anniversary couple - something personal  - and put it on a heart shaped display for them to read.  Oh there’s just lots you can do!!

I’m sure once your parents have got over the shock of the surprise - they’ll have a wonderful time, and I hope you do too.

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1st, invite THEIR friends. And people who would b happy for them.

2. A cake is nice. If you invite many people, ask every guest to bring a coveted dish.

3. You can make a speech abt how u love them, how they raised u to b grateful ECT and invite others to do the same.

4. Make sure you plan where it will b held, as well as time and date.

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