I wish to become a actress or singer. My parents say I've talent. When I asked Mom she got pissed at me and said "You might as well stop studying now and become an idiot if you want to become an actress." How can I convince them? Ugh Asian parents.


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The thing about being an actor or actress is that it is a very competitive career and it's very hard to do professional, which is probably why your mother got so upset. I would still have other careers in mind, yet also pursue acting activities such as school theatre programs. I don't mean to crush your aspirations, but very few people who want to be famous actresses, actors, or singers become them. Still try and do it if you're passionate about them, but still have a good backup plan and work hard at other things too.

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Yeah I know what you mean about the Asian parents thing. But I can understand why your mom got mad. Being an actress or a singer is very difficult and competitive and not many people make it. And Asian parents are usually pretty invested in their child's success so she's only thinking about how likely you are to find success in that career path. (I'm not saying that non-Asian parents don't do this because they do, but I'm only saying that the majority of Asian parents, especially if they immigrated to another country, are like this).

Also, this may bring up some controversy but if you are thinking about being an actress or a singer in the United States or Europe, as an Asian person you're at a disadvantage. I'm not going to say that the entertainment industry is racist, but they do seem less likely to hire Asian people who don't fit into that mold of "nerdy" or "exotic". Unfortunately, Asians in media aren't well represented in Western media meaning it will be much harder for you to burst on the scene. You can definitely try out to becoming an idol or model in Korea or other Asian countries (which many Asian-Americans and such usually do), but even that is a brutal process as their entertainment industries chuck out idols like factories. So if you want to pursue this career, just remember to work hard and don't give up. But also remember to have a well developed plan B. I think the best way to go about this is to work hard to reach your dreams and also at something else that has a higher success rate (but that you don't completely hate).

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You can try to be an actress. Think of some other professions if you do not have success.

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I would have a back-up plan if I were you.  I you really want to be in the Creative Arts industry though, I'd consider being a drama or music teacher, or something else.  There's lots of jobs that you can get in Creative Arts, but it's really hard to be a professional actor.  You still get to act and sing, and you can do acting outside of your job as well!

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I'd vouch for a back up plan too, remember most actors and singers are schooled and chosen early on in childhood. Also, as glamourous as it may look many are contracted to their management and so are basically signing themselves over to be controlled. Many sadly end up on drugs due to the struggle with fame versus trying to have a private life, also getting a client more dependent on their management makes them easier to manipulate, in reality it isn't as glamourous as you think. Question is why do you want to be an actress or a singer? Have to listened to the lyrics of most songs lately? Sex, money,  violence and "losing your mind" are popular. Do you really want to push those messages?

Take a good look into Hollyweird and the music industry before spending your time trying to make it big.

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Do you have any idea of the number of unemployed actors there are? Do you have any idea the number of actor who are successful that have lost everything because they were uneducated and let other people handle their affairs? The signed contracts that gave them little money, or let a business manager or accountant spend their money.

It is fine if you want to act, but you need to be educated as well. Pay attention in class, and study hard. You can join the drama club in school or do community theater and get your experience in acting. If you want to sing, join local talent contests. But do all that while keeping your grades up. You have to be realistic while following your dreams.

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