I have heard my parents having sex multiple times and it really disturbs me. I know sex is normal but still it disgusts me for obvious reasons. Should I confront them about this problem or just keep to myself?


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Lard Ass answered

Keep that to yourself! Adults can do these things, and enjoy doing these things ...heck, that's how you got here! Put your headphones on and forget about it!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Just keep it to yourself. Adults are allowed to have some enjoyment also. It's part of life young one. Let them enjoy themselves as they wish. They work hard to take care of you. Let it go.

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Awesome Autumn answered

Honestly, if it were me. I would saysomething. If it makes you uncomfortable talk to  them, and ask them to keep it down. Just thinking about it, makes me sick to my stomach. You should say something.

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Parents are suppose to have respect for their children/ teens. Talk to your parents tell them it's making you upset - be bold and speak up! 

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Well, here's your chance to convince them for a nice pair of headphones. Not the noise-cancelling ones since those won't block out that kind of abrupt noise. Maybe a pair of these babies?[product-gallery]/3/

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