How do you stop your boyfriend from being frigid when you're not?


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You can not. If you try, it means you are controlling your bf to be something you want him to be and it is against his self desires. It puts you in a controlling, demanding light who only cares about your needs and nothing about his needs. Control your own self and respect his self.
If he really means anything to you, just be kind and a good friend with no pressure and eventually he will get very comfortable around you and come out of his shell.
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He is either the ultimate gentlemen or he is so socially awkward that he has a hard time being intimate with girls.  I have a buddy that's 25. Never had a gf in his life. I set him up on a blind date.. He was so nervous that his whole body was overwhelmed with fear and completely shut down. He was a mute the whole night. These boring dates went on for months and months until one morning he came to me and said " we did it bro!"  I was shocked!!  I asked him, "you had sex?"  He replied, No....I meant we kissed.  Both types of guys are "good guys".. You just have to wait for them open up to you.
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Yea but we have been dating for 6 months and he wont even kiss like hes such a gentlemen and he respect me butt im over just huging him everyday its kinda geeting annoying if you know what i mean
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If hes worth it...Wait for him.. If he's an average Joe.. Move on to greener pastures. No point in wasting your time on someone that can't even show you any affection.

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