What do you do when your friends get mad that you're working but being underpaid but you're just happy you're making money at all?


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Adrian Masters answered
These days a lot of people are unemployed. Atleast you have a job. I own a construction company. All most everyone I know in the field has had to take a pay cut just to keep a job. If your friends have a problem with that then they can find you a better paying job. Untill then just be happy you have a job. :)
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Kelsey Adams answered
Ela, it's not even a job! We have told you this over and over! Working almost more than 40 hours a week and only getting paid, if at all, $70 every OTHER week isn't a job. And it's not called babysitting if your taking care of more than one familys' kids! If you need a job, see if. You can work at CVs or McDs or Taco Bell. Not an illegal Daycare!
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You smile knowingly and quietly get on with your life
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Maddie answered
Heyyy you shouldn't make below minimum wage is what I believe :(((
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Miss Ms answered
I think your friends are looking out for you, which is sweet, however if you're fine with earning less than you should be earning, tell your friends that you appreciate their concern but you're happy with your job. At the very least, you are getting experience.

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