What Do I Do If My Boyfriend's Frigid?


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He may just be shy, or unused to contact, or uncertain how to behave. If you're warm and relaxed with him, and don't make to many demands for a while (eg, instead of asking for a hug, why not just give one?) he will probably relax too. If not, it may be time to talk.
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My boyfriends is super fridget and after a month I stopped waiting and just kissed him because obviously waiting for a month you realise he isn't going to make the first move. I think any girl in this situation should just go for it, be  spontaneous! If your guy isn't doing anything then hes super shy or inexperienced. Break that awkward barrier or the shyness could go on for months...
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I'm a guy, and I'm pretty frigid. I kissed my ex once, after about 3 months of dating, once she had spoken to me about it, it really helped me. However, she dumped me after a 4 month relationship and I couldn't see what I had done wrong. Ah well
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My boyfriend is just the same, we have been friends for 3/4 years now and well we started going out about a month ago, there has always been something between us he had always fancied me but I only just realised that I loved him back! He spends all day every day telling me how perfect I am and how even though we are so young and it sounds silly but he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Our parents and friends all get along, we live close, we see each other at school and go out together lots but hes really unconfident we kiss and hug but no snogs. I know its early days but I am used to getting way more than kissing with out even being in a relationship. I have asked him why when we are alone and in the right position to snog that he s he dosent want to and he say s its because hes scared he willl go wrong, I tell him that you can't go wrong I there is nothing to worry about its only me and generally we are really comfortable around each other its just I know he does want to but hes scared. I have started to try and start kissing him as I feel once he knows he can he will be much happier but I feel guilty and stop myself! Do you think I should just go for it one night?
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I have a frigid boyfriend, and often I like these types because they don't have an ego and aren't jerks. You just have to be patient, and after a few weeks of dropping hints (which so didn't work lol) I just took control, frigid guys like it if you do that in a more...gentle way, don't be too overpowering, just be like "can I have a hug'? Or give him a quick peck. Btw I'm 14, hope this helps.
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I dated a frigid guy recently too and he wouldn't do anything. It took him like 2 months to have the courage to ever hug me. Imagine how kissing would go lol. But I dumped him (not for the frigid reason) there's a lot more too it. But a good thing is to be patient and if it continues for a long time just talk to him about it. I did it and it somewhat worked. I got him into hugging in no time after that.
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Um, something off with that maybe he's just shy, talk to him and give him some more time if he need it. Just put yourself in his shoes its obvious there's a reason why he hasnt kissed you in 2 months - which is weird because men really don't take no time. Whats up with you because after the first week I would be wondering where's my kiss I wasnt going to wait until 2 months to start questioning about it. Not to put you on the spot but that's weird!
I hope my advice helps!

I have a boyfriend that had a crush on me for a year and only told me now (lol) ... He's proper frigid though. At school he just says hi then just goes to his friends but at break time he talks about Minecraft with me and his friends... Sometimes I feel like a friend only... But I talked to him... He said "I'm Sorry, Olivia... I mean it... I'm trying to but you're kinda my first proper girlfriend and I'm scared to do something wrong and you dump me right after" then I told him that I don't dump boys for hugging me, I only dump boys that are either cheating on me or are nasty somehow or for few other reasons but not that... SO JUST TALK TO HIM... HE'S SCARED ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE HIS FIRST GIRLFRIEND.

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Since I'm not sure how old you are... If you are young, between 16-19 it is common for some boys or lads to be kind of "unaffectionate" I guess it wouldn't hurt to remind him to give you a little love sometimes, but do give him some time and be patient. If you are older, 20+ yrs... It would be good to talk about possible relationships that went wrong... Or if that's just how he is. Either way talking is always better than silent uncertainty.
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Go easy on him its not everyday that you have a male that is not just interested in being to forward, he could be shy or perhaps he wants to take things slow be grateful that hes with you because he likes your company and not because he wants some hanky panky
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Oh my god I totally have the same problem.  Like when I want to hug him its like really awkward and stuff.  Like hhhhh, I really want to not be like in a frigid relationship I want it to be like all good.

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