What do I do if my boyfriend keeps calling me fat?


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Lia Tan answered

First off you should tell him off. He's your boyfriend. Even though he is supposed to be someone who you can be completely honest to and vice-versa, you two should at least be nice to each other and care about each other instead of brutally insulting one another. Obviously, he is not living up to that end. That's why, you need to talk to him. Tell him that you don't appreciate him calling you fat. If he says that he calls you that because it's true in his eyes, then tell him that instead of just insulting you and making you feel bad, he should be supportive of you losing weight or at the very least shut up. If he refuses to do that or continues to call you fat, then you should break up. It's never worth it to be in a relationship that you aren't happy in. Plus then that would also mean that your current boyfriend is a jerk and do you really want that kind of person in your life?

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angie zhang answered

This doesn’t seem like he is  a respectful boyfriend ,
although its good to be honest but calling you fat a lot can really hurt some
feelings and in this case yours , I suggest you talk to him about how you feel
when he calls you fat . If he still calls you fat although teasingly you need
to speak to him and maybe break up with him , this can seem like a joke at
first but really if hes trying to hurt your feelings or change you , don’t
because a guy should like/love you for who you are , not how skinny or great he
thinks your body or looks are. Boyfriends aren't meant to judge and make you feel bad in your own skin , tell him how it feels and how if he can't stop doing that you aren't going to be his girlfriend anymore .

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