What should i do if a girl is flirting with my boyfriend? Besides fighting her! I fought her twice already and she called the cops on me and if i fight her one more time i get locked up!


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1st of all the thing you have to verify and make sure your B.F really loves you??then 2end thing is to just try hard to show you B.F that you respect urself,respect him of corse and love him from the buttom of your heart....I mean try to show him three time the love that shows him....CAUTION:never try to fight her again because it gives you bad reputation in front of your B.F....and in the society...am sure if you do so all your boyfreind's freind(I mean his home boys) will be telling him about you!!!!and I wish good luck
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If your boyfriend isn't interested in her then just let it go she isn't worth it, spend your time with your boy not fighting some chick who has nothing to do with the two of you. Ignore her, get him to ignore her and she will be the one pissed off and insecure
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Then this is where you put your trust in your BF to do whats right here or see if hes been lying vto you about how he truly feels about you. You will know soon enough whether hes worth keeping or if he succumbs to temptation here. No sense in you goingv to njail if he doesnt care about you
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First of all why doesnt your bf just ignore her completely?? And you? And fighting is pathetic and doesnt get you anywhere maybe you need to grow up and stop being so insecure

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