Is it okay to be scared your first time but still want to do it?


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alexia smith answered
Of course. Without trying new things nobody will ever learn anything.
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Leighanne Mosley
Leighanne Mosley commented
Thanks!! (: But like every time we get ready too, I stop cause I'm nervous & scared.. I don't know what to expect. I'm worried I might not like it.. Lol
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stacey michelle answered
Everyone gets scared or nervous on their first time. My advice would be to relax and enjoy it =]
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abhi khan answered
Yeah its normal to feel scared ~:d
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Maxine Chan answered
Yes it is normal.
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Yes thats very common its like jumping into the water off a high cliff its high and ur scared but u want to do it and when u do do it its a blast the cliff not sex well... Both
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Louise Tindall answered
Course it can be. Its a big thing. Both you and your partner will be feeling wary but its best just put your nerves aside and go for it. Enjoy xx

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