Is it normal to be scared when first coming out as a lesbian? I'm scared to talk to girls and stuff... is that normal?


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It is absolutely normal to be scared when first coming out as a lesbian, I have yet to meet anybody who wasn't scared.

Some people tend to think that because society has evolved so much to the point that most people are completely accepting of the LGBT community, that should mean that coming out is no longer the “big deal” that it used be 20 or 30 years ago, but I think this is rubbish, and also a little ignorant.

There is always the fear of rejection or of an adverse reaction from friends and family, particularly from immediate family. 

And even if a person knows that, deep down, this is unlikely, it is still a hard thing to have to do, to have people scrutinise an aspect of your identity that you yourself are still coming to terms with.

And then just because you are “out” doesn't mean that you will suddenly be completely comfortable talking to girls. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that (I wish it did!) It does get easier though!

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