I'm Too Shy To Talk To Girls Much, And Very Scared To Even Ask Them Out. What Do I Do? I Feel Like A Loser Nerd.


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Well first you aren't a loser nerd and don't put yourself down like that. But to stop being shy go out and go up to a random girl and start talking with her... If she blows you off... She isn't worth it. But keep trying to break the ice with girls you don't know. And never put yourself down dude. Hope this helps =}
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The best thing to do is just what you are avoiding to do... Just go up and start talking to some females! Talk to any female. You do not have to be interested in her, but it will give you the experience and with experience come confidence. You are most likely not used to talking to women and this is why it is difficult because you have no experience. If you start with someone your not interested in it will take a lot of the pressure off so give it a shot!
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I'm not cool ether but you just don't go ask them out you got to let them grow to like you now what I mean that is you got to make them like for a couple of days and then she or whomever will grow to like you inside  
  good luck
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You gusy with guitars are always hot!!!
I agree with the person under me start with chick that's rnt your type and practice wit them
write down conversation starters on note cards and practice with them
just talk about anything to start it off, like what you guys have in common
on like if she goes to your skool you can be like hey you going to the game...
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K but for me a girl came up to me said "hi" and she started the conversa-but the words wouldn't come out..my brain was overloaded & the only thought that came through was "what the heck do I say" but it was too late she just said "see you later".dem I felt like a looser idiot later she waved at me with her friends but the adrenaline went up and I couldn't keep it cool.
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Person who says himself/herself is a female may be a guy. Be careful!! :D

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