What are some good comback lines that girls can say to boys if they tease her?


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Ill list some of the things ive said to a boy before starting off with you were born on the road cause that's were most accidents happen, your so fat you can't fit in your own bath tub, what kind of girl would date I ugly fat thing like you, your so dumb you shoved a battery up you bum and said I got the power, at least girls know how to control them self unlike you boys always making out with the first person you see and why don't you go fishing with your dad oh wait I forgot your so dumb you don't even know how to go fishing!! Hope that those com backs help you!!
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That will only add food to the fire. The best way and not always easy is to just plain ignore them as they want you to react and then theyll never quit but once they find out theyre not going to get the reaction they want from you, theyll move on
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Fighting wont solve anything here except to get you into lots of trouble so learn how to ignore them and change your attitude here as someday if you keep this none, youll need professional counseling for anger management issues
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This is just mind over matter guys, I don't mind because you don't matter !

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