What Are Some Good Sweet Sayings To Say I Love You Or I Miss Your To A Girl?


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I like this one: I love you more today than I did yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.
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Try these if your a romantic.
"Your beauty shines so bright that the stars look down jealous."
"I give you my heart and forever it shall be yours"
Remember to use a love filled voice when saying it. Good luck. :)
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Say comments about her shirt and you have to give her a kiss she can't give you one!
Kiss her on the cheek and she will think you love her and care about her. Say how you feel and if she likes you she will listen. Say I love you in a secret way like flirt with her

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When I see you I know it was worth getting up this morning....
Just watching you is enough for me...

Something special and unexpected,unpracticed that comes from the heart can do wonders.

Like stroking her hair and kissing her passionately will be wonderful.
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My guy sent me a link to the Five Iron Frenzy song "Ugly Day" while he was deployed.  The song still makes me a tiny bit giddy.  "Ugly day, the sun is shining.  Every cloud's got a silver lining.  Ugly day, the sky is blue, but every day is ugly without you."
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Wow everyone elses suggestions are super cheesy. Just say what you feel and be real. I'd rather have a guy be honest with me than say a whole bunch of things to be "cute". Its just corny. Hate to tell you this but your not living in a Nicholas Sparks novel.
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Maybe    something like I give you my heart forever it shall be yours what a bout that
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Start off bye saying,
your dads a Thief, then when she says what?
Say he stole all the jews in the world and put them in your eyes!
:) works everytime! Good luck!

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