When A Girl Or Boy Says "I Love You", To You, How Should You React?


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Well if you love him/her then you should tell him/her but if you don't then tell him/her how do you feel.
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That's the happiest moment for anyone who likes worldly pleasures such as being loved or loving someone. But you should be in senses and not get overwhelmed in that happiness. I mean, you should not immediately reply unless you know the candidate, personally, very well. It's better to ask them some time to think. Then it's your turn to investigate and think over the issue with a relaxed state of mind. You'll be able to figure out whether the candidate is suitable for you or not.
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If somebody says I love, react in a way that will keep the person happy (unless you love that person too) say, "I love you too".

If you don't like the person, but don't want to hurt their feelings (best not to hurt their feelings anyway!) say something like "Thank you!"
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Well if you love the person, then give a positive reply. On the other hand if you don't like the person then simply tell him or her that you do not feel the way they do.
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The question is do you love this person back? If you do and feel peace about it. Tell the other person you love them. Don't say I love you just because they said it. You want to be real in the relationship.
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Say it back to them, unless you don't fell the same then tell them the truth "I'm sorry but I don't feel the same"
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A boy said I love you to me but we had met only two times. He says you are of good nature. Did he really loves me?
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Say, "I love you too" don't hurt her/him. Well if you don't so say the right thing after sometime, thats better than say no.
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When a girl or a boy says I love you and you think you really love the boy or girl you should also respond by saying I also love you.
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I just had this thing she doesn t really speak with me a lot so she almost doesn t say my name in a week but just yesterday she said she loved me anhaha just said her I love her too lol
but I like her
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I have been waiting for four years for a girl to say that she likes me. I like her sooo much. Every night I say tommorrow I will tell her but that never happens. WHAT DO I DO??
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I have been waiting for four years for a boy to say that he likes me.i too love him so much. but each time i see him I get nervous and i do not say it. WHAT SHALL I DO??

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