If you are a man :how will you react if a girl confess that she loves you?


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Ray Ottewell answered
If she said it in the way that she loves me as a friend, I would say hey that's great, let's love each other as friends and keep it that way. If she said it in a way that she loves me in a deep meaningful relationship kind of way, that would depend on how I feel about her. If it came from her lips right out of the blue, and I felt the same, I would feel an up lift in my heart, hold her in my arms and say, well let's take our mutual love, and ride the waves of life, both good and bad, hand in hand, both you and I together, yeah I know that's soppy and old fashioned, but then again, I am getting old. If she told me she loved me, and I didn't feel the same way about her, I would say thank you I am flattered, who knows what the future holds, maybe one day I will feel the same about you.

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