Do Guys Prefer Giving Oral Or Receiving It?


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stevie nicks answered
Well I am definitely not a guy but from my experience they like giving and receiving
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My guy prefers to give it, but it varies from guy to guy. I know guys who think it is demeaning for a girl to give oral and I know guys who demand oral (so wrong). It really depends on the guy.
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Dratanya Beamon answered
It all depends on what type of guy you are dealing with because every single male is different but alike to a certain extent....  Some guys like just giving some just like receiving and some just don't mind or don't even care (as long as they are getting "it" they are happy) :)
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I think that guys love to get it than give it !!! Most of them just like the woman to do all the work
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Ilove giving oral I always satisfy brcause I pay attention to a wman and how she reacts...the only turn off I have encountered is the oder down there sometimes...but a real man can deal with it as I do, naturally I also love recieving oral

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