Do Guys Like Receiving Flowers?


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Flowers are known as a symbol of love, beauty, appreciation and greetings to each other and also having good feelings for others. Since the creation of man flowers have been used only for good purposes. Your question does guys like receiving flowers can be narrated in the following terms.
As I told you earlier that flowers are related as symbol of beauty and so far beauty is concerned, it is related to women as compared to guys. Guys may be handsome and attractive but the word beauty is normally and usually related to women. Women like to receive flowers on special events like birthday, valentine day, Eid, Christmas and new year. Though guys also love and appreciate receiving flowers on such occasions yet women are more fascinated and keen to receive flowers on every special occasion. In simple we can say that guys like receiving flowers a little bit while receiving flowers is related to women only. In the Eastern societies even jewellery is made of flowers and women love to wear this jewellery on occasions like Eid, wedding etc. I hope this explanation is enough to your question.
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I have know guys who liked getting flowers. In front of their buddies they roll their eyes, but privately they really liked getting them.

Ask him how he feels about it without letting the surprise out of the bag first. I have known some guys who truly didn't like it.
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Red roses are the symbol of love. When a person gives a red rose to a person it means he is in love with him. It is understood when a girl receives flower from her lover she really feel internal satisfaction. I think a guy will really feel happiness when he would receive flowers from his lover.

Flowers have their own language. The different colored flowers show the different meanings. It is though that white colored flowers are the symbol of "wait". When a person going to leave his lover. He should gift him white flowers to keep him waiting.
Red roses are the sign of love. When a person really loves some one and really wants to marry him.

So if you are really interested in some one gift flowers. The flower will tell your lover about your feelings. Anyone which has the esthetic sense can love to receive flowers.
Mostly people gift flowers to their loving ones so I think boy will like flowers to receive.
So try for give a bouquet of red roses to your love one that will assure you that he like to receive flowers or not.
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Funny enough, yes some guys do like flowers. It is not everyday they expect them.

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