Is She Just Teasing Or Does She Really Like Me?


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Teasing is an all pervasive activity which is a part of an effective communication process in various age groups. These groups can be classified as family, friends, coworkers and teammates. An indicator of intimacy, teasing helps to understand the closeness between two individuals. Teasing can also be used among strangers to exchange a few words on friendliness and indirectly express affection.From the outside, teasing seems to be a twisted pleasure: Affectionate and sort of insulting all at once. Teasing is a very articulate way of winning a person’s attraction. It actually helps bring people closer. How do you know if she likes you well, Women are difficult to understand. Men always get confused with the behavior of women. It is impossible for a man to read a woman's mind. On the other hand, women have an expertise in hiding their feelings. It really depends on your conversation with that person, and how that person feels, you don't know until you ask them!!!!! Women are very hard to read!!!! Good luck!!!!!!
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jess mitt answered
Girls tease for attention and like the fact that she is getting what she wants... Attention. I would start ignoring her msgs here and there. Don't be so open and available to her every need. Let her do the thinking for a change, if she doesnt make the effort then you know it was all fake. Keep in mind though, if she does continue to make effort when you have shown her less interest then she may just like you and her teasing you is just her way of having a bit of fun. Fun is good when its genuine.
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She is just playing with you. You are much too old to be playing this silly Internet dating thing like all these kids are doing. You should understand that there is no chance you are ever going to hook up in real life and quit playing these kids games.
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I would say teasing. I mean all girls do it we control the guys sexually so they need us. It's fun and we just like it. It's like guys and online porn but for girls, cause none of us would watch online porn it's......EW!

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