What Would Be The Best Type Of Flowers To Get A Guy For His Anniversary?


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If you want it to be sexy instead of fmalish then don't send flowers. Send a box of rose petals... And attach a card that says.."Got any ideas?"...His co-workers will be to jealous to give him a hard time...
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mai Vang
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hehehee.... I growled on that one...'ggrrrrr'. but my whitted husband wouldn't get the idea.lolz
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I say carnations in a more masculine color like red.or red and white.    I have found men do enjoy getting flowers, they just do not let on.  Tell the florist that it needs to be kept manly. And they smell good, but not too girly.
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I don't know.... I send my husband some red roses on our anniversary and he's not those flower/rose kind of guy either. He's the type that says, "I don't know why ppl buy flowers, they die in a couple of days anyways. What a waste of money." Since he didn't do it for me I did it for him.
Just pick whatever you like! I'm sure he'll like it because it's from you. I saw that one commercial on fruit boutique or something. Where they make boqay out of different fruits. Sorry I don't know how to spell 'bouqay', I hope you understand me what I'm trying to say....hehehe
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Guys normally don't like flowers I personally would have said none because being a guy and if my gf got me flowers I wouldn't know what to say because it's just not my thing. Try something else like something meaningful.
Iris' or Tulips would be a fine choice...all in the same color of course...♥Nassy
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An orchid. Have you ever seen an orchid up close? Imagine getting that from a girl you find sexy. And they are easy to water. Just put a cube of ice on the soil once a week.
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Buy yourself the sexiest underwear you can find. Most guys don't respond well to flowers but some sexy drawers go along way. Of course you will have to add some romance the thrill of the chase is half the fun.

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