What would be the best gift for a girl?


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What does she like?  If she likes music, get her a CD or iTunes gift voucher or a music book if she likes to play.  If she if very feminine, get her perfume, or some sort of make up.  Just don't get her a gift voucher.  Girls like when boys put thought into what to get her

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Lard Ass answered

As a woman, I have to tell you that "expensive" is not always better. If a gift has meaning and is from the heart, she will cherish it. For me, simple time together is gift enough.

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Megan goodgirl answered

Pretty earrings.

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For girls there are lots of options out there. Some of the best gifts are:

1. Mix CD

2.Fashionable gloves

3. Groupon deal

4.Fierce bootie

5. Make up kit

6.Designer phone case

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