Do you prefer virgin guy or experienced guy?


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Karen Croskrey Profile
Karen Croskrey answered
I prefer my husband. And he and I were both virgins and waited until marriage. I strongly encourage this. It's very unhealthy to "sleep around" psychologically it messes a person up. Plus, you don't have to think about all the other people he has been with if he has only ever been with you. It's a special thing you share strictly with each other and no one else.
louise mcguire Profile
louise mcguire answered
Defo experience guy they need to now how to please you
Christina Bryant Profile
Virgin, so I can teach him how to please me and only me lol

May'C Bonjovie Profile
May'C Bonjovie answered
Definately virgin....if i was going to have my first time, i would want to be the first time for the both of us.
Devin lackey Profile
Devin lackey answered
Dear i can say its hard to look at my boyfriend and then to look at all the girls he's been with so if i were you save the girl you will spend the rest of your life with some grief save yourself for her she will really appreciate it its the best gift you can offer next to your love and devotion
Bailey Zuniga Profile
Bailey Zuniga answered
Virgin guy cause if you do it with a guy who knows he could have something and give it to other people so i would go with virgin and also because knowing you're the first one is kinda amazing sometimes no and sometimes yes but that is very cool really when the guy  loves you.
Maria Not Telling Profile
Experienced guy most deff others are to eager and dont know how to react to certain situations experienced  guys r just way calmer about it and it soo much easier to talk to an experienced guys virgins r just to eager and needy not to mention experienced guys know what there doing so they can adjust better plus virgins dont so they expect u to do everything
Sunshine Baby Profile
Sunshine Baby answered
Depends....A virgin guy so you can start off new and grow together as better sex partners. But if it's a one night stand then experienced because it's more exciting.
XX Chromosome Profile
XX Chromosome answered
Doesn't matter as long as he's skilled. And usually, those who are skilled got experience.
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david spears
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How do you define a skilled guy?
XX Chromosome
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One who makes a girl feel good. It depends on each girl, some like it rough, others like slow and romantic, others like a guy to talk to them during the act. I'm assumed you're talking about sexual intercourse. Because it's an ENTIRELY different issue if it's about relationship. Dating someone whether or not they're a virgin is an entirely different matter. Haha
david spears
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I guess both experienced and virgin guys can give u same pleasure and performance. If virgin guy starts slower he will end up as fast as experienced guy! Virgin will cum faster but he will give more orgasms.
Courtney Stoners Profile
Virgin because they are kind of afraid, and don't think they know how to do everything
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david spears
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Afraid means wont perform in a correct way, they dont know how to do everything then why u prefer them ?
i love cod Profile
i love cod answered
Experienced... Why wait till marriage? When you can enjoy your teen life making sex better for that special person later in life so you don't have bad sex. You'll already be good

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